If you want to share Printables from hungryforinspiration.com…

… I ask you to keep some things in mind:
– you can share one or two pictures that feature the Printable, but please don’t use a full-sized picture of the Printables themselves (for example if you screenshotted or downloaded my Printable and converted it into a .jpeg file.)
If you have any questions about this, please write me an E-Mail (hello@hungryforinspiration.com)
– don’t link to my download links. I don’t openly publish the download links in the specific post.
I don’t do that, to prevent misuse of my Printables or non-personal publication.
If you have my download link because you are one of my newsletter subscribers or you asked for the link via E-Mail, you are not allowed to publish my download link on your blog or website.

If I featured one of your projects …

… I most certainly read your copyright or sharing policy and made sure that you are ok with being featured. 
I always give my best to not include anyone in my Round-Up posts who explicitly states, that she doesn’t want to be included. 
If I accidentally made a mistake and I still included you, even though you stated somewhere on your website that you don’t want that, I ask you to write me an E-Mail (hello@hungryforinspiration.com) or message me on Pinterest (Hungry For Inspiration). 
I apologize sincerely if I made a mistake and I will make sure to modify the post as soon as possible. 

I don’t use “nofollow” links and I don’t post your original pictures on my server.
I embed pins from Pinterest that lead to your Pinterest Account/ Website.
When readers of my post like your project, they can save it directly from your website.
This ensures that you as the creator will benefit from being featured on hungryforinspiration.com through higher re-pins of your pins generated through my post and Google juice through the NON-“nofollow” backlinks I provide to your site.
If you still want your project to be removed from my site or if you want any information modified, I again ask you to simply contact me.